How to overcome distractions while studying online

distractions while studying online

How to overcome distractions while studying online

In the wake of COVID-19, has it become more difficult for you to focus on your online studies? During virtual classrooms, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and visit your Facebook and Twitter. Anything that requires your attention or grabs your focus away from the task at hand is called a distraction. Paying attention to recorded audio lectures or reading the textbook may be among the tasks at hand.

A distraction isn’t always something that completely takes you away from the lecture, such as going out to buy groceries instead of paying close attention. Even if you are listening to the lecture, a distraction could be anything that takes your attention away from it. I’ve put together a list of tips and tricks for dealing with distractions while studying online.

Locate a quiet study area

It is critical to have a personal study area in your home. When you’re intending to study for a test, your parents, family members, and friends may have concerns for you, demands for you, games to play, or anything else they can think of to try to get your focus.

Find a quiet space, such as your living area, an office, a spare room, the roof of a building, or even outside if the weather is clear. Offering yourself time to be alone and concentrate on your studies is one of the most crucial steps to completing your work. And, once you’ve discovered a personal place to study, make it clear to those who might divert your attention that you want to study and don’t want to be disturbed.

Establish a study schedule

Creating a daily schedule for completing online work is an excellent way to prevent interruptions. By creating and adhering to an online study schedule, you can ensure that you are concentrating when it is time to do your course work, resulting in increased productivity.

Begin by making a study timetable. Determine the times of day when you are most efficient. If you’re an early riser and love to work in the morning, the quiet hours from 7 to 9 a.m. might be ideal. Alternatively, if your family is out in the afternoons, take advantage of that time to studying online. Make a conscious effort to treat your new study sessions as “distraction-free” meetings.

Disable all unnecessary notifications.

Nothing is more annoying than having signals, buzzes, sounds, and bells that interrupt your ability to focus. And if you’re the type of person who can’t stop checking their mobile or social platforms every time an alert comes in, you’re likely aware of the anger of spending two hours on schoolwork only to discover that you’ve made very little growth.

To avoid these distractions, make a point of turning off all notifications that aren’t important when you’re learning from home. You can even try putting your phone in a separate room or somewhere out of range to resist the issue and keep checking it.

Replace social media time with other activities.

Substituting something that you commonly practice can be difficult, so take baby steps. This holds true for interruptions other than social media too. Why not read a book or go for a 30-minute walk instead of spending lots of time on your laptop watching YouTube videos? Unplugging from social media can sometimes help you concentrate on areas that are more constructive. Consider taking up a new hobby or spending more time with your family or roommates.

When you find more effective ways to spend your time, you will feel less anxious about yourself. The less time you spend on social media, the easier it is to avoid distraction.

Distractions in Other Areas

You may notice that the components in the personal, peaceful room you’ve found to studying online  in, in addition to the web and mobile distractions on the very gadgets you’re using to study, are also disturbing. You might be compelled to watch broadcast TV, pick up a guitar, play computer games, read a novel, or do anything else that seems more fascinating than learning at the time. You can try to eliminate physical distractions from your space by unplugging the TV, moving the guitar to another room, unplugging or removing computer games, and so on.

Other distractions, on the other hand, may be more difficult to eliminate: you may recall some housework you wanted to complete, you may become hungry or thirsty, you may recall an old friend you’ve been intending to text, or any number of other interruptions that may arise. You might find it useful to create a study schedule to overcome these problems.


Education is extremely important, and it should be handled as such throughout your life. Generally speaking, staying focused and growing your efficiency while studying online is simple and completely manageable.

A little forward planning and preparation to avoid interruptions can go a long way toward ensuring your excellence as an online student. With a little determination and self-control, you’ll be able to get the maximum benefit out of your online learning.

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