ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management

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The ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management is a qualification designed for senior managers and leaders who want to develop their leadership and management skills to an advanced level. This course is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), which is a professional body for management and leadership qualifications in the UK.

This course provides an understanding of leadership and management theory, as well as practical skills to apply in real-life scenarios. Additionally it covers topics such as strategic planning, financial management, change management, project management, and innovation.

Delivery Methods

London College of Professional Studies provides various delivery methods, which include blended learning, online learning, distance learning, and in-class learning. The learners can choose the mode of study at their convenience.

Learners are able to:

  • Access All course materials, including online modules and written assignments,
  • Gain teacher support.
  • Access the LCPS online portal (24/7 access to our user-friendly learning portal).
  • Acquire Assignments briefing
  • Receive excellent-quality study notes.
  • Obtain Assignment marking and feedback.
  • Access the free online library.
  • Gain full accreditation for UK courses.
  • Receive dedicated customer support via chat, telephone, and email (Monday to Friday).
  • Additionally, Gain full support until the completion of the course.


ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management is available in 2 modes:

  • 06 Months (Fast Track)
  • 09 Months


Furthermore, this ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management is accredited by Ofqual Awarding body.

ILM Qualifications

Course Delivery

Learner can select one mode of study

  • Online
  • Blended Learning

Entry Requirements

This qualification particularly targets individuals aged 20 and over. To ensure a successful learning journey, applicants should ideally hold at least one of the following qualifications:

  • A relevant Level 6 Diploma qualification
  • An equivalent qualification demonstrating prior experience and knowledge

Module Structure

To earn ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management, you must acquire a minimum of 20 credits.

Unit Title Level Credit
Developing leadership and management capability through enquiry 7 20


Congratulations on completing the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership! This is a significant achievement and demonstrates your commitment to your professional development and your desire to become an effective leader.

Now that you’ve successfully completed the program, several exciting progression routes await you, depending on your career aspirations. One option to consider, if you’re passionate about further academic exploration, is to pursue a higher degree. Master’s programs in related fields such as leadership, management, or business administration could be a perfect fit.

Alternatively, your newly acquired advanced qualifications and honed skills position you perfectly to take the next step in your leadership journey. Feel empowered to apply for senior leadership roles within your current organization or explore exciting opportunities elsewhere.

What could this qualification lead to?

Commanding high respect, the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership unlocks a diverse spectrum of career opportunities in leadership and management. Designed specifically for seasoned leaders seeking to refine their leadership skills, this qualification empowers you to take the next step in your career journey.

  1. Senior Management Roles: Having honed your leadership expertise, you may be well-positioned for senior management roles within your current organization. Alternatively, this qualification can be a valuable asset when applying for leadership positions in other organizations.
  2. Executive Leadership Aspirations: For those with ambitions of pursuing executive leadership roles, this program equips you with the essential skillset. The curriculum fosters strategic thinking, communication skills, and emotional intelligence – all critical qualities for success at the executive level.
  3. Consulting: This qualification positions you to thrive as a leadership and management consultant, providing valuable advice and guidance to organizations.
  4. Entrepreneurial Pursuits: The knowledge and skills acquired through the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership are equally valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs. This program empowers you to effectively manage a team, make strategic decisions, and navigate the complexities of launching and running your own business.
  5. Continued Professional Growth: Furthermore, you may choose to embark on a path of continued professional development. Options include pursuing the ILM Level 7 Diploma in Leadership, a Master’s degree, or other qualifications to further refine your leadership expertise.


Assessment is via assignment submission only 

No Exams

Payment Plan

Mode of Study: (Online)
Option 1: Full Payment
Fee £800
Fee (discounted) £500
Option 2: Instalment Plan
Instalment Plan: £200 deposit

4 monthly instalments of £125

(For UK companies we charge 20% VAT) 


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