Ncfe Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading

Ncfe Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading

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4 Monthly installments of £125 (For UK students and companies we will charge 20 % VAT)


This is a cross sector qualification aimed at current and prospective team leaders. This qualification covers the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful team leader, covering competencies applicable to a wide range of contexts.

Aims and objectives of this qualification

This qualification aims to:

  • provide learners with the skills and knowledge required to successfully lead a team
  • develop learners’ skills in communication, leadership and personal performance management
  • build learners’ knowledge of the principles of team leading, as well as their understanding of business.

The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to:

  • develop team leading skills that can be relied upon by employers in a range of industries
  • provide learners with the skills and knowledge needed to communicate with a range of stakeholders at different levels.

Delivery Methods

London College of Professional Studies provides various flexible delivery methods to its learners which include blended learning, online learning, distance learning, and in class. The learners can choose the mode of study as per their choice and convenience. Learners are able to:

  • All course material, including online modules and written assignments
  • Teacher support
  • LCPS online  portal ( 24/7 access to our user-friendly learning portal)
  • Assignments briefing
  • Excellent quality of study notes
  • Assignment marking and feedback
  • Online library.
  • Fully accredited UK courses
  • Dedicated customer support via chat, telephone, and email ( Monday to Friday)
  • Proper support to our students until they completed the course.


Ncfe / Cache Ofqual regulated awarding bodies

NCFE Qualifications

NCFE Qualifications


The programme is available in 2 duration modes:

  • 06 Months
  • 12 Months

Course Delivery

  • Online
  • In class ( We have different fee structure for in class students )

Entry Requirements

This qualification is designed for learners aged 16 and above who are working in or looking to work in a team leading role or similar.

There are no specific recommended prior learning requirements for this qualification.

However, learners may find it helpful if they’ve already achieved a Level 1 qualification

Module Structure

To be awarded the NCFE Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading, learners must achieve a minimum of 40 credits.

  • 22 credits from the mandatory units in Group A
  • a minimum of 12 credits from Group B
  • the remaining credits can be taken from either Group B or C.
· Unit 01 Manage personal performance and development (4 credits)
· Unit 02 Communicate work-related information (4 credits)*


Unit 03

Unit 04

Lead and manage a team (5 credits)* Principles of team leading (5 credits)
· Unit 05 Understand business (4 credits)
· Unit 06 Develop working relationships with colleagues (3 credits)*
· Unit 07 Principles of equality and diversity in the workplace (2 credits)
· Unit 08 Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace (3 credits)
· Unit 09 Manage team performance (4 credits)
· Unit 10 Manage individuals’ performance (4 credits)
· Unit 11 Chair and lead meetings (3 credits)
· Unit 12 Manage conflict within a team (5 credits)
· Unit 13 Procure products and/or services (5 credits)
· Unit 14 Collaborate with other departments (3 credits)
· Unit 15 Participate in a project (3 credits)
· Unit 16 Encourage innovation (4 credits)
· Unit 17 Contribute to meetings in a business environment (3 credits)
· Unit 18 Health and safety procedures in the workplace (2 credits)*


Unit 19

Unit 20

Store and retrieve information (4 credits)* Handle mail (3 credits)*


Unit 21

Unit 22

Employee rights and responsibilities (2 credits) Deliver customer service (5 credits)
· Unit 23 Understand customers (2 credits)
· Unit 24 Resolve customer service problems (5 credits)


Unit 25

Unit 26

Negotiate in a business environment (4 credits) Develop a presentation (3 credits)
· Unit 27 Deliver a presentation (3 credits)
· Unit 28 Resolve customers’ complaints (4 credits)


Learners who achieve this qualification could progress to:

  1. Learners who achieve this qualification could progress to:
    • ·  NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Management
    • ·  NCFE Levels 2 and 3 in Business Administration
    • ·  NCFE Levels 2 and 3 in Customer Service

For further details of these and other qualifications available in this sector see the Register of Regulated Qualifications (

Who is this qualification designed for?

This qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 and above.

This is a cross-sector qualification aimed at team leaders across a wide variety of commercial and public sector areas; it recognises

  • the skills and competences of learners in the workplace, providing
  • learners with the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and
  • knowledge needed for a career in management and leadership.

What could this qualification lead to?

This qualification could lead to a range of different job roles such as:

  •  team leader
  •  team manager
  •  supervisor.

Who supports the qualification?

This qualification is supported by employers from across a range of industries.

Ask Your Queries


  • What are the benefits of studying at the London College of Professional Studies?

    There are many benefits of joining LCPS. We offer free Induction and unlimited tutor support. Find out more by visiting our page: " Benefits of studying in LCPS"

  • What payment options do we offer?

    Paying in full is the easiest and most straightforward way to pay for your course. However, we realize that sometimes you may need a little help, that is why in London College of Professional Studies we offer our students the option of spreading the cost of studies up to 6 to 8 months.

  • Does the London College of Professional Studies offer recognized qualifications?

    Our courses that provide qualifications upon completion are accredited by established awarding organisations, to provide courses such as OTHM, QUALIFI and NCFE CACHE all these awarding bodies are Ofqual regulated.

    NCFE Qualifications - (

    OTHM Qualification (

    Qualifi Qualification (

    Each independent awarding body performs detailed rigorous check to ensure our courses meets their high standards.

    Read each course page carefully and you can find more information underneath the ‘course outcomes’ section.

  • Study online?

    If you choose to study online, you’ll receive access to our exclusive e-learning portal which can be accessed 24/ 7 for the duration of the course, which has been accommodated with all your study materials, books and guidelines.

  • Is there a time limit for the completion of my course?

    We provide flexibility on the submissions means there is no deadlines to miss for the submission for each unit. You can also extent the total course duration but, it totally depends on you and your circumstances.

    Although our distance learning courses are time flexible, you have a certain time limit to complete your course. Check the course page under ‘course duration’ as it varies dependant on each course.

    We always allow plenty of time to complete a course, so you are able to study at a pace that suits you!

    You are also permitted to extend your course duration without any pressure however, you should inform your teacher and support team member that you want to extend or hold the course. Contact Student Support for more information on this matter.

  • How does a tutor support work when studying via distance learning?

    When you enrol onto your chosen course, you will receive your personal course supervisor details and Online portal access which you can access 24/7 for study at any time.

    You will have all the study notes, Assignment briefing, Online library and guidelines etc.

    The teachers will be there to support you with questions and for further explanations about your course, students can contact them via emails easily. Our teachers also conduct Virtual (online) meetings with students individually or in groups on (Zoom and Teams) for different courses including Education and training and Adult Care and Child Care courses.

    We also provide blended learning which is one of other option we offer to our students.

    If you have a question, just email your course supervisor and they will get back to you with help and support through email.

    Your course accessors will mark and give you feedback on your assignments. Will let you know about improvements you need to do.

  • How do I get my work assessed?

    When you will upload your assignment on the portal, it will be marked and returned to you.

    On successful completion of the course you will be awarded your certificate.


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