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Tailored for mid-level and senior managers, the ILM Level 6 Diploma in Management empowers those responsible for leading teams and projects to further refine their leadership capabilities. This program equips participants with the essential tools to motivate their teams, navigate change effectively, and develop sound strategies that propel their organizations towards success.

The curriculum delves into a comprehensive range of topics, including leadership theories and practices, strategic planning frameworks, change management methodologies, performance management techniques, and financial management principles. Furthermore, the program places a strong emphasis on developing critical interpersonal skills necessary for effective people management. These skills include clear communication, effective delegation, and adept conflict resolution strategies.

In conclusion, the ILM Level 6 Diploma in Management is a highly regarded qualification that serves as a valuable asset for ambitious managers. By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, this program fosters the development of effective leaders who can make a significant impact within their organizations

Delivery Methods

In order to cater to various learning styles London College of Professional Studies provides various delivery methods, which include blended learning, online learning, distance learning, and in-class learning

Learners are able to:

  • Firstly, Access All course materials, including online modules and written assignments,
  • Secondly, Gain teacher support.
  • In addition, Access the LCPS online portal (24/7 access to our user-friendly learning portal).
  • Acquire Assignments briefing
  • Receive excellent-quality study notes.
  • Moreover, Obtain Assignment marking and feedback.
  • Additionally, Gain full accreditation for UK courses.
  • Also Receive dedicated customer support via chat, telephone, and email (Monday to Friday).
  • Finally, Gain full support until the completion of the course.


ILM Level 6 Diploma in Management is available in 2 modes:

  • 08 Months (Fast Track)
  • 012 Months


Furthermore, this ILM Level 6 Diploma in Management is accredited by Ofqual Awarding body.

ILM Qualifications

Course Delivery

Learner can select one mode of study

  • Online
  • Blended Learning

Entry Requirements

This qualification particularly targets individuals aged 18 and above.

To ensure a successful learning journey, applicants should ideally hold at least one of the following qualifications:

  • Relevant Level 5 Diploma qualification
  • An equivalent qualification demonstrating prior experience and knowledge

Module Structure

To earn the ILM Level 6 Diploma in Management, you must acquire a minimum of 42 credits.

Unit Title Level Credit
Group 1
Developing the executive manager 6 6
Critical thinking and research skills in management 6 6
Group 2
Becoming an effective leader 6 5
Understanding how management coaching and mentoring can benefit individuals and organisations 6 5
Developing excellence in operations 6 6
Managing operations research 6 3
Leading project implementation 6 12
Building commitment to corporate vision and values 6 6
Team working in organisational partnerships 6 6
Leading change in organisations 6 6


Having achieved the ILM Level 6 Diploma in Management, the path forward is paved with exciting possibilities. The specific progression route you choose will depend on your individual goals and career aspirations. Here are a few potential options to consider:

  • Level 6 Certificate and Diploma in Management: Building upon the strong foundation established through the Level 6 Diploma, these qualifications offer a deeper dive into management principles and practices. This knowledge can significantly elevate your expertise in the field.
  • Higher Education: The Level 6 Diploma in Management serves as a valuable springboard for further academic pursuits. This qualification positions you well for success in programs such as a degree in business management or a related field.
  • Promotion: Equipped with the advanced skills and knowledge acquired through the program, you may be well-positioned to secure a promotion to a more senior management role within your organization.

What could this qualification lead to?

Earning an ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) qualification unlocks a doorway to a multitude of exciting opportunities in leadership and management. These qualifications go far beyond simply adorning your resume; they empower you to excel in your career through a range of tangible benefits:

  • Career Advancement: An ILM qualification serves as a powerful testament to your expertise in leadership and management. This recognized credential positions you as a highly competitive candidate for promotions and opens doors to new and challenging career opportunities within your chosen field.
  • Enhanced Job Performance: The comprehensive curriculum equips you with the essential skills to lead and manage teams effectively. You’ll develop your ability to communicate clearly, delegate tasks efficiently, and solve problems strategically, ultimately leading to improved performance in your current role and boosting your organization’s overall success.
  • Confidence Boost: Successfully completing an ILM program instills a newfound confidence in your abilities as a leader and manager. This enhanced confidence translates into increased effectiveness in your current role and empowers you to seize future opportunities with greater self-assurance.
  • Professional Recognition: Widely recognized by employers and professional organizations, ILM qualifications set you apart from the competition. This recognition signifies your commitment to professional development and elevates your credibility within your field.
  • Expanded Network: The ILM community fosters valuable networking opportunities. By connecting with other professionals who share your passion for leadership and management, you can cultivate new collaborations, explore potential partnerships, and gain access to a wealth of industry insights.


Assessment is via assignment submission only
No Exams

Payment Plan

Mode of Study: (Online)
Option 1: Full Payment
Fee £1600
Fee (discounted) £1100
Option 2: Instalment Plan
Instalment Plan: £300 deposit

6 monthly instalments of £166

(For UK companies we charge 20% VAT) 


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